If it quacks quite a lot like a fascist duck..

Does professed opposition to centralised State power render a political party non-fascist, though its policies and ideology in many other ways conform with that philosophy?

..if policies involve the mobilisation of the military to deal with asylum-seekers and Indigenous people, how genuine is a claim of love for a non-authoritarian State?

If a party fosters closest ties between big business and State, favours near-monopolies, advocates law to protect these interests against activists and boycott, is it non-fascist still?

a party that employs a presidential focus in campaigning, deploys strong nationalism, hoists the flag, condemns those who might divide citizens..

a party that speaks of opponents who favour greater civil liberties and more humane policy as dangerous and extreme..

a party that lauds the worthiness of one concept of citizenship and nation, paints classes of non-citizens as threatening to that way of life..

How fascism-like does a political force have to be to earn the title? And if another (similar?) label is appropriate is that any reason to be less concerned?