Genesis (agnostic variant)

In the beginning was the word or it was quiet, or disquiet, or a singularity, or an infinite sequence of prior beginnings or there wasn’t a beginning. Or a solitary consciousness, or a committee, or a rotary motion of cosmic revolution, or the makings of a divine bureaucracy, or a Miscreant, or nothing that was good, or a searing, icy wind, or a thermodynamic arrow of time-breathing dragon, or bored amphibian-headed-nine-wheeled-deities-of-immense-power, or a duck and a sandwich falling through vacuum, or the image captured via telescope lenses 14 billion years afterwards, or an ineffable being, or a galaxy-sized toddler, or something other than being-and-non-being, or a void of unbroken blackness, or a set of false-because-untensed propositions, or a pulsing artefact, or an endless carpet of yellowed leaves, or bickering siblings, or a marooned vessel, or an argument between a moth and a spider, or a Harbinger and a Critic, or a meritocracy, or a whirligig, or a full-bellied universe-regurgitating whale, or a sapling, or a set of patents, or a faint impression of future celestial fixtures, or an ache, or an emergent interpretation of jurisprudence, or the spark from an axe striking stone, or a template,  or a cut-price, made-to-order same-day universe-construction service, or a fine filament of no width, but length enough to span the universe to be, or a hundred-billion-degree soup of constituents of not-yet-particles, or a squishy infinitude of unformed matter, or a hard-to-make-out mesh, or a manatee, a mannikin, a mish-mash, a melange, a malamute, or sabotage, or an entrance exam, or a droplet from a pipette, or a sign saying ‘incipient reality, kicks off here later today, stay tuned’ or a harmonic, or variables with no values, or placeholders with no variables, or a Meinongian jungle of subsistent world-furniture, or unactualised possibles, or a cabaret, or a speakeasy, or a lean-to, or a pipsqueak, or an unwritten book, or a war of attrition between four ancient species of another realm, or an overly solemn, monotonous druidic ritual, or an arbitration, or a self-booting OS kernel,  or a nameless prescence, or a jewel-encrusted gold-wrought cipher, or a porcelain, clockwork owl, or a bubble thrown from froth on the lip of a breaking wave far out in a shoreless cosmic sea, or a combination of any of the above, or one thing that’s all of these, or an empty set, or the end come full circle, or a scent of ozone,  of dragon fruit, of petrichor, or a sense of vague foreboding.

One thought on “Genesis (agnostic variant)

  1. Does Busab exist?

    After examining all related data in its proper context, I have concluded that there is a 50/50 probability of the existence of Busab.

    When fully integrated, the data points indicate that if Busab were real, it’s existence would be couched in layers of unreality to hide in plainsight. It’s agents would operate by axioms, and from behind a veil of noise, rather than secrecy.

    Furthermore, one can conclude that a particular corpus of texts containing specific information relating to the operation of such an angency, could in theory, be encoded into works of fiction via connotation.

    This intriguing possibility leads to the idea that a corpus of texts, cleverly written, would have a wide range of effects on its readers. These effects would vary greatly from general confusion/irritation to the awakening that this is something known to be true.

    Statistically, readers of these texts will generally follow one of several paths. Most will simply take it as they have been conditioned: fiction = untrue. They will in fact be assigning the ideas contained in the text to a solution set containing all things known by them to be untruths.

    Some will see deep connections, and in pursuit of these, will make connections that do not actually exist. These individuals will grasp for so much they will find only noise, couched in unreality.

    An astute individual however, may make the proper connections, discovering the nature of the absolute truths encoded in the text, and seeing where they lead.

    This indivudal, using their now fully integrated database to interrogate the concepts within the text, may conclude that the ideas described in the text labled ‘fiction’ are in fact worthy of existence. The axioms/concepts encoded in the actual language, and sublty through connotation, are in fact true.

    This leads to one conclusion: If Busab does not exist, it deserves to exist. The very texts that justify it’s existence, and questions that justification, also provide opportunity for existance.

    Conjecture: Busab is necessary. If does not exist, it will exist.

    Fiction = Imagined
    All things created by humans must first be imagined.
    Imagination proceeds reality, in all cases.

    Prime Conclusion: The existance of Busab is self-evident.

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