The Interview, part one

This isn’t a comprehension test sir.

No, but since the second line says the same as the first, and the third the same as the second..

Well its just that you don’t seem to understand sir, the question is not whether you can read different things, it doesn’t matter to us whether you know how to distinguish between one word and another.We just need to know whether you’re capable of reading at all, and what size letter, at a standardised distance from your ocular perceptual organs, you are in fact capable of perceiving clearly, believe me Mr Valquez I’ve done this very many times before.

Its just that… all the words, all the words say..say the same thing.

I’m well aware that you can read, sir, and I feel bound to inform you that

Look I’ve no objection to not being tested properly, I’m just pointing out on principle..

Please sit still sir, if this machine is going to discern anything useful..

That machine isn’t going to discern anything useful.

If this machine wasnt going to provide us with useful information, we wouldn’t be using it.

What information are you being provided with exactly?

We’re trying to find out more about who – what – we’re dealing with.

The illness?

Yes. Of course. And the resistants.


ResisTANTS. Plural. The ill  and inconsolable. Those who won’t.. won’t come.

But how are they organising resistance?

I don’t know. Nobody knows how  they do it. After they transmute I mean.


That’s the word they’re using now. Transmute. I suppose they think we dont notice the human cost.  Perhaps they just slip away, after a time, before the family or friends become suspicious. Slip away and gather together, drawn mysteriously to certain places, waiting quietly until some critical mass is achieved, poring over weird literature, and mumbling, and then suddenly , silently, attacking with inhuman eficiency..

Weird literature?

Yes.  Yes..  don’t ask me to explain any more Valques, I can’t its making me sick all this…. All this…



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