An Advisory from the Interim Government


If you’ve been watching television or reading the newspapers lately and feeling increasingly helpless and ill-defined, you’re certainly not alone. You’ve probably been thinking twice about the woman in the apartment across the hall or that guy outside the trainstation. Casting sidelong glances at friends, or even members of your own family. It seems as though the ill are everywhere nowadays. Remember, We’ve all seen people who have been taken ill,  although of course you’re never the one it takes yourself.

The Interim Government needs your help. Is your family unaffected? Perhaps only you can tell the difference. Don’t wait until something strange and terrible happens in the home of your little ones. Act now. New government pamphlets are widely available in shopfronts across the country.  These pamphlets outline simple criteria which will help you identify illness amongst the people you know better than anyone else.

(See also A Health Warning from the Interim Government)

In these dissolute times, when even the faces of power are shifting and distorted, when the hearts of those closest to you are uncertain and afraid,  when disease and civil disorder plunge the world into anarchic darkness, fear becomes the norm.  But in the midst of our current trouble,  we are  well served to recall the stoicism and endurance that are, after all,, the defining characteristics of the decent citizen.

Although our children are far away, although family members may even now be in the care of the State – in an offshore facility or one of the camps , there is every hope that from this point the situation will be rapidly resolved.  The Interim Government is working to restore peace in the cities and preserve calm in rural and remote areas of the country.

To this end,  Police, the Interim Government, and the Defence Force join in encouraging all citizens to co-operate where possible in encounters with officials of the security agencies mobilised in order to cope with the ongoing crisis.  Citizens with ongoing employment should attend their regular place of work where possible. Those who are unemployed, or whose work has been temporarily disrupted may find themselves disoriented or socially alienated in the current climate, and estranged from remaining friends and family.  If in doubt, citizens who suspect malaise are required to present themselves to authorities at the earliest opportunity. Assistance in bringing those suspected of illness before the proper authorities for testing is now endorsed by mandate of the Interim Government.

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